Saturday, May 11, 2013

Colorful Practice

I've been on a creative high these past few weeks. Partially due to my health getting back on track, but also because I've gotten ahold of some awesome supplies to work with. I've kind of forgotten what it was like to create with quality products. 

I thought I would share some of my newest projects some are favorites and some are experimental, some I consider disasters, but I use them to grow and get better so who cares right? I've been mainly working on embroidery and since getting my new watercolor set I've gotten back into drawing and painting too. 

A little study I did on an old watercolor set I have.
These don't do it justice, but it was fun learning and practicing some different looks.

I'm loving this new watercolor set.  In fact I loved it so much I had to get one for Rachel too!
We've been on fire with new illustrations and ideas ever since. It's a wonderful set that is so easy to pick up and get painting where ever you are. I'm not even a watercolor kind of gal and with my kids constantly running up to me and needing my attention it is hard to sometimes sit down and paint. With this set I'm able to pull it out and put it away quickly as I need it.

I've been drawn to designs that can easily adopt any color. You can go so many directions by just changing up the color pallet and I like that. It is a phase I'm in I guess, but it's a bright colorful phase and I'll bit hitting it full force while I'm enjoying it! 

Getting into the warm weather spirit by painting all kind of colorful popsicles.  
Bubbles!! I'm in love with this simplistic piece, I'll definitely be doing more in all kinds of colors. So fun!

Who doesn't love bacon?! Since I've been transitioning to a healthier diet I've come to know bacon on another level.  It's like the candy of meats! 
One of my more intricate pieces I've done lately. This salmon color is one of my favorites lately. Gotta love the hints of bright pink too. I painted this hoop to match to give it that extra pop of color. It's available in our Etsy shop so check it out!

It's morel hunting season again! We've only found a couple so far this year (actually only my husband has). Even though we haven't found many it's still fun to go hunting for them all over the camp ground. I've been addicted to the shapes and colors of these mushrooms both for embroidery inspiration and watercolor drawings.

And finally I'd like to introduce our newest little one, Token. We originally were going to name her Monopoly, but then we migrated to Monopoly Token and went from there. She is a complete sweet heart and only 5 weeks old! 

Rachel and I are preparing to do some shows in the summer. We have some local shows in Syracuse Indiana, and North Webster. Also, we are hoping to do one in Lansing too. We are looking to revamp the look of our booth and focus more on certain items just for shows and have other items exclusively in our Etsy shop. It's exciting to try new things! 

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