Saturday, November 3, 2012

New Skabootn's

Since my last post about Skabootn's my collection has nearly doubled in size! It is almost like I'm on a constant scavenger hunt. Everywhere I go I'm looking around to see how many mini items I can find. My husband and I love to walk around antique stores and the hunt to add onto my collection makes us pause a little more in each booth and we end up noticing so many more unique items on display. This miniature lighter was found by my sister on the way out of the antique shop. We nearly missed it hidden in the corner of a glass display case. I'd never seen a lighter so small I had to make it part of my collection. I love that it's a functional Skabootn's!

A gift from Rachel and Dylan for my birthday. The little details like the net are awesome!

I inherited some vintage dice and Dylan noticed that one is made of bone.  I only noticed the off center dots but knowing it's made of bone makes it so much more interesting.
I have only seen this white dog once before, but I'm not sure what it is from. Monopoly piece maybe? 
The purple dragon was a suprise! I found in sitting in my collection while I was adding new items. I later found out it was from my mother. Purple dragons remind me of stories my husband used to make up while we were dating. He used to always create the most random characters and a lot of times they were colorful dragons. It's goofy and it makes me smile. Thanks Mom!

Mini whistles. I've seen them around, but I'm not sure if they were sold separately or with something originally. Anyone know?

A fun vintage metal pocket game.

My five cent nativity I found at a thrift store. 

This isn't really part of my collection but I wanted to show it off anyway. I've been asking for one for  a while. My husband finally hand picked a cameo for me for my birthday. The color is great. I'll probably interchange it as a necklace and a pin.
My Skabootn' car collection. Once it gets larger I'll probably move it to the small display I painted when I first started this collection.

And of course, the new display. This was my mother's birthday gift to me this year! I've been eyeballing one of these for a long time now. The small compartments are the perfect size for organizing and displaying my collection! I had it up on my wall within five minutes of me receiving it! I'm not positive what this drawer is from, but we are under the impression it's from some sort of print block storage. Wherever it's from I'm glad it has a new life in our home. As I said before, THANKS MOM! Now to fill in those empty spaces.

- Hannah


  1. My mom had a little collection like this when I was little. She had a bunch of itty bitty bottles of perfume and other tiny odds and ends. I always loved looking at her collection!

  2. I love the tiny perfume bottles! I always get all warm and fuzzy inside when I think of how younger generations enjoy their elders collections. My son has started to notice growth in my collection and enjoys telling me what they all are. He has a great eye for detail! I wouldn't be surprised if he were to join me on the hunt when he gets older.