Thursday, September 13, 2012

Skaboot'ns Collection

While pregnant with my first child I would kind of geek out and make these weird noises when I was referring to something really small and cute like a pair of shoes meant for a newborn baby. Over time I developed a word that I used regularly when mentioning something that was incredibly small - Skaboot'ns. I don't know why. I guess it's just one of those weird things about my personality that I'm not going to try and understand. Now I use this word for anything miniature. I get such a high when I see a Skaboot'ns that I end up speaking like a complete goof ball and it doesn't end until the object is out of sight.

Lucky for my family, the fun will never end! I have officially started my Skaboot'ns collection! A couple months ago I visited Rachel's home for the first time since moving back to Michigan and I immediately fell in love with the variety of collections they have! Cameras, A&W mugs, salt & pepper shakers, vintage toys, and plenty more! When I came home I begged my husband if I could start a collection of my own. After visiting a antique mall I ran into miniature Coke bottles and I made my dorky Skaboot'ns noises and I knew. I didn't end up getting the Coke bottles, but shortly after that day my husband got me a little Kangaroo from the zoo. After all the excitement from getting the first item of my collection I looked through my old treasures as a kid to see if I had anything else to add. I don't have much now, but it's a start!

My mom got a ton of paint samples from Lowes for 25 cents each!
 I picked my favorites and painted up a little display I found for my collection.

Starting from the top left going right is a small heart candle I have had as long as I can remember, the kangaroo with a baby my husband got for me (a Skaboot'ns with a Skaboot'ns!!), a little army man from my son's first arcade experience, very small deer I've seen in terrariums before that I've gathered from here and there, a glass owl my sister and I received from our brother when we were young, a 101 Dalmatian's puppy I used to pretend it was my Barbie's puppy as a child, and a case of the "Smallest Falsies in the World" which is really a miniature set of false teeth. I'm not sure where I got the falsies from, but they make me smile and I'm glad I can add them to my collection.

It may not be an expensive collection and my children will probably think I'm crazy as they get older, but it does make me smile and I'll enjoy adding to it little by little as time goes on.

I'm not the only one who gets a kick out of seeing super small things! Check out some of these items from some Etsy shops. I wouldn't mind having a couple of these guys to add to my collection!

Actual pocket knife. 
I love this simple milk jug.
baby sock monkey
Milk Loves Cookie ceramic miniatures.
Miniature Wizard of Oz book!

- Hannah

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