Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A New Collection? Oh, yes.

Last week, I had a Birthday!  With our family, it has become more like Birthmonth.  We like to drag it on for as on as we can to reap all the benefits that Birthdays have to offer.  :)

Starting in mid October, my husband found this lovely postcard of a darling woman from the 1950's in her sunhat and bathing suit, holding a bouquet of wheat.  He framed it in a vintage frame, found at a thrift store, added a white background, then added photo corners, making it neat and professional.  He couldn't wait till my Birthday to give it to me, so after he finished it, he immediately wanted me to open the gift.  I love it!

I have always liked postcards.  I even enjoy making them myself.  (You can find one of my favorites here).  I already had a dozen or so that we found throughout the house, and Dylan came up with the idea of finding more vintage frames to display 1950's style postcards in.  We want to cover a whole wall with them.  We like the look of old photos that are painted over.    

Here is a stack of frames we found for other postcards.
Postcard we have accumulated throughout the years.  They are mostly of places we have lived, or visited.
Since he only spent a few dollars on the first gift of the framed "Florida Harvest", he wanted to get me another present to open on my actual birthday. 
The following are the other gifts.

I received this Postcard Book to hold other future
postcards that are added to the collection.  
Another Postcard from Dylan for my Bday.  I love this one!
This awesome Art Deco frame is from my in-laws!  I saw it when I was at an antique store with them a couple weekends ago, and was drooling over it.  They ended going back to the same store and getting it for me!  I'm in love with it.  I want to put a black and white photo of Cypress on one side, and maybe one of our family in the other side.


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