Monday, November 19, 2012

Some New Additions to the Shop!

It's only Monday and so far we have already had a busy week! There is so much thats gonna go on this week and we are getting pumped to send out some Christmas cheer to our customers! We've got some great deals planned from this week to NewYears and some of the exclusive to our Facebook and Blog followers. Here are some newcomers to the shop. So make sure to stop in and get some handmade gifts for your loved ones!

First, there are two lovely fox drawings in colored pencil by Rachel placed in vintage circular frames. The frames have charming hints of metallic gold on them. Second, we have my first snowman paper bead ornament! This was my first attempt and it went great! The beads are made from recycled sheet music and are strung on very vibrant red wire.

I love how most of Rachel's items are in sets. She has a great way with telling a cute little story in her illustrations whether they are goofy or love stories I adore them all. Turtle love is colored pencil in a vintage frame. The bear on a unicycle is ink and watercolor. I love how chubby the bear is and his little hat!

My son got to be a model for five minutes today sporting Rachel's colorful cowl. He loves getting dressed and trying new clothes so this was right up his alley. This cowl is perfect for keeping out the cold for both kids and adults. Rachel is also taking custom orders for cowls in most any color combination requested so be sure to request one on our shop home page if you are interested!
Another adorable fox illustration is up too! The frame was carefully hand painted and shows hints of pink. Perfect for a wedding or anniversary gift!

Lastly, we have a couple sets of crocheted snowflakes. I LOVE SNOWFLAKES! I enjoy making these so much I make them all year round. I have a basic pattern I use as the root for all my patterns but I make them up randomly as I get further along the snowflake to make them all just slightly different from on another. Stiffening them also adds to their little differences too. These sets are just the colors of the threads used. Coming later this week are more of my hand dipped snowflakes. I dip them in bright colored paints for an almost tie-dyed look.

More crochet and paper bead items will be up within the next couple days. I'll also be working on a ton more paper bows for the shop and for our Holiday Bazaar coming up at Wawasee Middle School. Be sure to check in for an exclusive deal for this busy holiday weekend!

- Hannah

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