Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Growing Collection

A free hand embroidery project I did this week. I just went for it using some of my vintage romance comics for some inspiration. 

Since my last post I've noticed that my embroidery projects have turned into a nice collection. Its been about a year since I started embroidering. I started out with one of my favorite stories as a child "Princess and the Pea". I found a super cute pattern on Etsy that served as a great stitch sampler. It was a perfect pattern for a beginner and allowed me freedom for some creativity too. I recommend purchasing the pattern if you wanna give embroidery a try. The pattern can be purchased on Etsy from the shop Follow the White Bunny for a good price!

The first of many embroidery projects!
A little one for my youngest son. I used his birthday as the elevation level instead of the actual height. 
A sentiment toward my favorite time of year. 
This snowflake has some metallic french knots to add some sparkle. The finished product from my last blog post. 
My collection fits perfectly on the interior wall of my nook. I've been looking for something to fill this space and these to the job beautifully!

Here are some sites to check out for some embroidery inspiration!

Sublime Stitching - Truly isn't your grandma's embroidery
they have their own line of Sublime Floss too. The colors are absolutely beautiful and perfect for any project! I'll be looking for any excuse to use them.

September House - Has some super cute modern embroidery patterns. I'm in love with the snow angel pattern! I'll be working on that sometime soon.

Follow the White Bunny on Etsy! Where I got my fun Princess and the Pea pattern. I love the fur in this  red fox too. 

Everyone needs to check out this site MaricorMaricar even if you don't have an interest in embroidery I think everyone can appreciate the intricacy and beauty of the work done by them. Take a look at this post from their blog. I'd love to try something like this when I get better. 

- Hannah


  1. Wow! You have a talent! They all look beautiful but that free hand comic one is amazing!

    1. Thanks! I had a blast working on the comic book picture. I have a couple more illustrations from the comics that I want to work off of too. Plus it gives me an excuse to buy some of the fun colored floss from Sublime Stitching!