Sunday, September 15, 2013

New Creations

We did a few shows this summer, but our favorite was the Great Lakes Folk Festival in East Lansing Michigan. We had a blast for the two days we were there and great people stopped by our tent.  It was wonderful to share with so many types of people our different pieces of arts and crafts we’ve been creating this year.

I’ve personally been focusing on embroideries with a few paper goods thrown into the mix. My eyes have been giving me some off and on troubles so whenever I can I like to do some detailed work in my embroideries.  All of my embroideries are freehand, which means I don’t use anyone’s patterns or apply any transfers to my fabrics.  Sometimes if it is a more detailed piece I’ll sketch a rough idea of what some shapes should look like beforehand. Generally I just let my needle and thread go with it.

What I love about doing everything freehand is that everything is bound to be one of a kind whether it’s because of the textures, shapes, and nearly always colors. (I have a terrible time keeping track of my colors since many of them are thrifted or bought from random places.  So far loosing track of the color number of my thread has only come back to bite me in the butt once and I have not been able to complete a project because of it.

Typically I work on a small scale of simple designs. I have even made a few patches out of my ultra tiny pieces. I’m in love with them and I can’t wait to make more (yey Skabootn’s). Lately though, I have been aching to work on a much larger scale. Maybe I’ll make a piece that is a few feet long and epic for a large empty space on someone’s wall. It’s hard to finalize all my ideas and get started on one!

I thought I’d share a few photos of some new pieces that we have done this summer. Some are in the shop and some aren’t but I was excited to share with everyone the types of things we have been interested in lately. 

We have an Instagram account now! Our user name is @mumre find us and follow us! You'll find a lot of our current projects on there before anywhere else! 

BACON! This was a challenging embroidery done on a recycled T-shirt sleeve with no stabilizer. I'm proud of the minimal amount of stretching. ;p

This bacon piece was done on some vintage scrap fabric and i had to put it in a vintage spring hoop. I love this piece, but it is still available in our shop to buy!

I'm still really into these vintage romance comic books. This piece is smaller in a 5 inch hoop. 

One of my tinier embroideries to date and my mom helped me make it into a iron-on / sew-on patch. Loved making this! I can't wait to make more. Any one want a custom patch? Just let us know on our Etsy site!
I had a chance to work on this wonderfully cute piece for a close college friend recently. This piece was embroidered onto a vintage piece of fabric and backed with yellow scrap of T-shirt in the back to kind of shine through the small holes in the fabric.  Since this was a special piece to work on I put this piece in one of my favorite wooden hoops. I've never had another one like it so far and it was marked princesses on the bottom so it seemed perfect. :)

I'd love to share more, but motherly duties are calling once again.  It's a miracle I've  been able to post this much today! Like I mentioned before, follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see what we are up to during the week.
Hope everyone had a fantastic summer. Now it's time for my favorite seasons of the year!

- Hannah

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