Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Baby Book for Cypress. Love Laura.

Yesterday, one of my greatest friends ever, Laura, came over and surprised me with a gift for Cypress.  It's a photo album that Laura put together with the maternity photos and newborn photos that she took of our family.  The photo book is beautiful.  She did such an amazing job!

Laura chose the perfect color for the cover!

She added beautiful poetry throughout the whole book.  Laura didn't even know this, but Joan Miro happens to be one of my favorite artists!

She did an amazing job designing the layout and placing the photos.

The photo of Cypress on the top left corner cracks me up!!!

I can't stop looking at this photo book!  It reminds me how much I loved being pregnant, what life was like before our Lovey came into the world, the euphoric feeling I had the first couple weeks after Cypress was born, and how often newborn babies sleep!  

To admire more of her wedding, engagement, family, newborn, maternity, senior, AND everyday life photography, check out her growing photography biz at her lovely websiteand "like" Laura Leigh Photography on Facebook.  


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