Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Finished Skateboard Project

We have had a lot going on in our household recently, but one thing that did not leave my sons mind was his skateboard.  My husband and I started this project a couple weeks ago. You can read more about it in my first skateboard project post. So we bought what was needed to finish it and let him play on it again.  Since he isn't old enough to do crazy tricks on it or anything, we didn't put too much money into it, but just enough to get it rolling safely.

First, we had to replace the ball bearings and the wheels.  I thought the original wheels were pretty sweet.  They are old ceramic ones, but they have been pretty beat up and we decided to get some blue ones to match the board.  I'm hoping to find something to do with all the old materials from this skateboard.

I'd say it's time for some new bearings.

We didn't replace all the hardware on the skateboard so we have some older metal still on it.  I love the look of the old with the new.  It matches the old comics that were put on the board and the texture adds something of it's own too.

My husband and I found grip off of amazon that was made from recycled glass with different thickness levels to choose from.  We chose the one that provided the most grip for our little toddler.  A huge plus for us was that it is also clear so it is perfect for my decoupage art underneath the grip!  It went on easy but after I was done applying the grip I decided to put a clear coat of varnish on top both to get rid of the slight sugar crystal look and to dull some of the little sharp edges until there is natural wear on the skateboard.  I couldn't be any more satisfied with this finished project.

My son is already getting better at pushing off on the skateboard by himself (that is more than I can do).  Of course he is also learning that falling down comes with the territory.  He is a trooper and is better for it.  Next task is to find a helmet small enough for his head.
- Hannah

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