Thursday, July 26, 2012

Skateboard Project

I'm in love with this kid. My son has a lot of very particular interests, one of which is skateboards and longboards. He is only two and a half so he doesn't quiet know his way around them yet, but he does find ways to entertain himself on them. His usual favorite is laying on his belly and he paddles his way down the road up the hill and back down. Not able to turn much yet we decided to get him some gear to go with the tumbles (still working on the helmet though). After showing so much interest in his fathers longboard my husband decided to give him a old skateboard we bought cheap at an estate sale. It's not in the best condition, but my son is completely attached now. 

We decided to spruce it up a bit and make it his. I took it upon myself to decoupage the underside of the skateboard with another one of my sons obsessions The Avengers. I scored a bunch of old comics at antique stores and garage sales and make things out of them for our shop. I used the scraps and a couple of my favorite pages to make a pretty great collage of characters for him. I've only finished the underside and painting the side and top a bright red orange. Next I'll be decoupaging more on the top, sealing the entire board with a clear gloss varnish and putting some grip on it. Soon we plan to take the board and it's parts to a skate shop and see what they can do to repair some of the broken items on it. Pretty exciting so far and my son has just been loving the process. He can't get enough of "chuaa bleh-bleh" and "chyen maaon" (Captain America & Iron Man)

 Hopefully I can post pictures of the finished project soon! 

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