Sunday, October 7, 2012

New Family Addition

Welcome to the earth precious Tanner True Streasick!

Today I got to meet my first ever niece! These last nine months couldn’t have come sooner. I am sure my sister, Tess, agrees too! We have been so excited to meet this new addition to the family ever since seeing the positive sign on the pregnancy test. We wondered what type of personality she would have. Who's traits would she pick up from the family, heck we didn't even know the gender until today! Now she has finally made her debut. A swift one too! My sister was a complete powerhouse through her pregnancy and the birthing of her daughter was no exception.  From what I’ve heard everything went perfectly as far as the birthing experience and everyone's health. I'm so happy for them!

I admire Tess' bravery and passion that has grown in her since knowing she would become a mother.  She and her husband have done a great job teaching and preparing themselves to the best of their ability for this new journey in their lives. I’m glad that my family can live next door to such wonderful people. It seems too good to be true that I have my sister next door raising her daughter and we still get to hangout together nearly every day. What a great life I live!

- Hannah


  1. This post made me tear up big time. Thanks so much for sharing such beautiful pictures of such a beautiful family. :)
    -Stacey G.

  2. Aww! Adorable! Congratulations to your family on such a beautiful baby girl!